/RefugeeINV Field Report
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This paper is the result of research and fieldwork carried out by the HOLDS Foundation in Bulgaria, Northern Greece, Macedonia (FYROM) and Serbia in November 2017 as part of the RefugeeINV project.

HOLDS would like to thank LEGIS, Human Stories, Alkyone Day Center, Refugee Care Center (Thessaloniki), the Norwegian Refugee Council, Lifting Hands International, Help Refugees, BelgrAid, and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies for their contributions and support.

HOLDS Foundation is a charitable organisation founded in March 2017, conducting humanitarian operations for refugees and other victims of war and catastrophe. The Foundation believes humanitarian efforts must be conducted and designed with a mid to long-term scope, as the “emergency relief” scope has proven to be insufficient for addressing migration and displacement phenomena. RefugeeINV (Refugee “Investigate”) aims to investigate and assess the responses to protracted humanitarian, logistics and security issues related to the refugee crisis in Europe, with the objective of improving humanitarian efforts and relevant initiatives.

A supplementary paper (“Part Two”) features images and graphics taken during, and relative to, the research outlined in this paper (“Part One”).

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